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How to Soundproof Your Home [Guide]

Noisy neighbors or busy streets. There are various reasons why you may need to soundproof a room. This guide will walk you through soundproofing windows, walls, ceilings, and floors. Whether you want better sleep or a more peaceful home office, take the control into your own hands and learn to soundproof a room in a few simple steps. Correctly installing insulation can be difficult. Health and safety risks are involved; therefore, we highly recommend contacting a pro to ensure the job is complet

How to Insulate Air Ducts in Crawl Space [Guide]

Crawl space ducts are often easily neglected when someone is insulating the crawl space. However, uninsulated ducts in the crawl space can lose up to 30% of their capacity, wasting your heating and cooling while driving your energy bill higher. Fortunately, you can insulate air ducts in the crawl space by yourself at an affordable cost. Nonetheless, this is an intermediate project and may be challenging for some. Correctly installing insulation can be difficult. Health and safety risks are invol

How to Remove Blown-In Insulation from Your Attic

Many homes use blown-in insulation in the attic as an efficient way to insulate unfinished attic spaces, especially since they are easy DIY projects. Except it is not the easiest to remove compared to other insulation methods. The following steps will provide a brief outline of what it takes to remove blown-in insulation. If it sounds like too much of a hassle, hire a professional.

Why Remove Blown-In Insulation from Your Attic

Unfortunately, you can’t just leave blown-in insulation as-is. The

How Much Does Gutter Guard Installation Cost? [2023 Data]

When it rains, it pours—but your gutters have your back. You can install gutter guards to help prevent the buildup of leaves, twigs, and other materials in your gutters. While they don’t eliminate the need for gutter maintenance, they can minimize how much time you spend cleaning them out. And for many homeowners, that makes them worth the price. Gutter guards cost $1,474 on average, but can cost between $612 and $2,336 depending on a few factors, like their length and material.

The main cost c

How to Repair Water-Damaged Wall Plaster

Large amounts of water can quickly soften and loosen your wall plaster, causing water damage to your walls. If a leak damages your ceiling or wall plaster, you will notice bubbling or bulging behind the top-layer paint or wallpaper. However, worry not. You can easily repair water-damaged wall plaster on your own unless the damaged area is too big to tackle independently. Start by evaluating the situation. The most obvious signs of water damage are bubbled paint and wallpaper. You can gauge how b

How to Fix Water Damaged Wood Furniture

Wood and water don’t go too well together. Wood furniture in bathroom and kitchens often see water damage first simply due to built-up moisture. Meanwhile, a major pipe burst might have ruined that oak dining table… or had it? Fortunately, wood furniture can often be salvaged if water damage is spotted early on. Before throwing anything out, go through this guide to repair water damaged swollen wood furniture yourself.

Most of us spent some good money on the wood furniture we have. Others may h

What to Do if Your Ceiling has Water Damage

Once in a while, you may notice your ceiling looks funny. Water damage is a silent killer especially if it’s happening at harder-to-notice places like behind your ceiling. Left unattended, mold can grow or your ceiling can collapse. Thankfully, there are ways to identify water damage on the ceiling during early stages. Before bringing in a professional, there are things you can do if your ceiling has water damage that might fix the issue and save you the big bucks.

Why is there Water Damage on

How to Fix A Sink Stopper That’s Not Working

Your sink stopper is one of the most neglected parts of your bathroom and kitchen. We all know to fix a leaky faucet or a clogged sink, but what about a sink stopper that won’t stay down or needs some wiggling to get pulled up? Luckily, sink stoppers are easy to fix on your own without spending any big bucks. Follow this step-by-step guide to fix or replace your sink stopper in less than an hour. Do some background research on the type and components that go into your sink stopper before the job

Copper Pipes vs PVC Pipes: What Are the Key Differences

Copper pipes and PVC pipes are two of the most common piping materials. Knowing the pros and cons of each and their best applications will ensure your plumbing system has a longer lifespan and higher performance. In the meantime, using the wrong type of pipe could be a disaster for your home.

Below, we’ve broken down the major differences between copper pipes and PVC pipes so you can find the right solution for your plumbing needs.

Copper pipes and PVC pipes differ in various aspects, includin

How to Insulate Pipes

One of our biggest goals in winter is to prevent pipes from freezing, but the climate isn’t always in our favor. Thankfully, pipe insulation is an affordable and simple DIY project to do on a weekend before the cold weather hits. With a few simple tools and a minimum investment in insulation supplies, you can have all your pipes insulated within a day with this simple guide.

You can find all the tools you need from any large hardware store. Home Depot and Lowe both have an extensive insulation

How to Replace Your Storm Door Handle in 5 Steps

Storm doors are a great way to protect your home from bad weather. They also allow you to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery without letting the bugs in or the cool air out. However, that’s only if your storm door handle works properly. Thankfully, the replacement is an easy DIY job. Follow this simple five-step guide on how to replace storm door handles, and you’ll have a new handle up in as little as 10 minutes! How Much Do Storm Windows Cost? [2023 Data] Before starting the project, first, y

6 Types of Stormwater Drainage Systems and Their Pros and Cons

Our home is a vessel that allows us to weather through life’s storms, but it’s a different story if your house is sitting in stormwater like an actual boat. Stormwater can damage foundations, exterior walls, and even interior structures, and familiarizing yourself with types of stormwater drainage systems will help you safely navigate through the storm seasons.

Ditches and swales are both open-channel systems designed to quickly move stormwater off the roads. Ditches are V-shaped open channels

“Digital Champions” with Xiao daCunha from Westerlund Marketing LLC

Each week on “Digital Champions,” our host talks to media experts across the country. This week our host speaks with Xiao daCunha from Westerlund Marketing LLC. To learn more check out

What is your company Elevator pitch when talking about your company?

Westerlund, Co is a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and content marketing. Our unique radiation content model allows companies to fulfill their marketing needs 4x more efficiently, and help them

Best eCommerce Platforms Compared: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Squarespace —

As one of the best eCommerce platforms, Shopify offers a wide variety of features, plugins, and integrations. It is a platform known for growth potential and easy configurations, and is perfect for small-to-mid-sized businesses looking to grow rapidly.

Shopify is one of the most robust eCommerce platforms available. Its wide integration and API options means you can tie all your tools into one place. Shopify also has a great analytics and marketing system built into the backend.


10 Ways to Improve SEO for eCommerce Product Pages — Westerlund, Co

Congratulations. You’ve completed your eCommerce website. But now what? You’ve probably heard a lot about SEO for eCommerce product pages. You know you’ll have to do something to stay competitive in the online retail world. In this article, we'll discuss some of the best practices for optimizing your e-commerce product pages for SEO, so you can maximize your online visibility and attract more potential customers. Why SEO for eCommerce Product Pages is Crucial If you own a brick-and-mortar shop,

How To Install a Tankless Water Heater

Among the many pros and cons of a tankless water heater, its complex installation definitely makes our con list. Sure, a tankless water heater's compact design may make it look like a DIY job, but it is always best—and sometimes legally required—to leave it to the professionals. From gas line and electrical upgrades to water heater code violations, the cost savings will rarely outweigh potential dangers. All this being said, understanding the process of how to install a tankless water heater can

Google's Helpful Content Update: What You Should Do —

“... the helpful content update [is] part of a broader effort to ensure people see more original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results.” — Google Developer

Every time Google changes its algorithm, plenty of small businesses moan in pain: not again! But, we too often forget that these modifications are created so our audience can find the necessary information to guide their purchase decisions — just like the Helpful Content Update that recently took effect.

Don’t fo
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