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Breadless Opens New Store in Rochester Hills This October | What Now Detroit

After gaining overwhelming popularity in Detroit, Breadless is set to open its second location in Rochester Hills on Oct. 5th, 2023. The new store, located at 181 S. Livernois Rd., is directly across the street from Rochester High School and adds a nutritious, healthy, and delicious meal option to the neighborhood. Breadless is also in pursuit of a third location, according to co-founder Ryan Eli Salter.

With a mission to make healthy, low-carb and gluten-free meals accessible to everyone in ev

Big Chicken to Add 20 Stores in Eastern Michigan | What Now Detroit

Big Chicken, powered by restaurant veterans behind H&D Group Investments, is entering eastern Michigan in early 2024, starting with its first location in Clio at 11476 North Linden Road. Big Chicken is founded by Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal.

Fusing home-cooked childhood favorites with new flavors, Big Chicken features an extensive menu of sandwiches, sides and sweets. In addition to H&D Group Investments, other partners include Las Vegas-based ownership group JRS Hospitality and multi-nation

New Chipotle Detroit Downtown Location Set to Open Next Spring | What Now Detroit

Downtown Detroit residents and workers craving burritos, bowls, chips and salsa are in for a treat. According to Detroit News, Chipotle has announced the opening of a new downtown location in Detroit’s First National Building, located at 630 Woodward Ave. The new Chiptole will be in Suite 620, next door to Shake Shack.

This will be the second Detroit Chipotle and the first downtown. It is the 56th Chipotle store in Michigan.

Set to open next spring, the Woodward Ave. Chipotle location will off

Women-Owned Highline Spirits to Open Dexter Tasting Room | What Now Detroit

According to MLive, Dexter whiskey lovers are in for a treat as woman-owned spirit brand Highline Spirits plans to open a new tasting room on October 3, 2023.

Since its launch in August, Highline Spirits has received positive feedback on its four limited-edition flagship products, including bourbon whiskey, triple rye whiskey, straight Kentucky whiskey and American whiskey.

Owned by long-time Dexter resident Christi Lower, Highline Spirits breaks the unspoken taboo of whiskey blending in the i

From Le Perroquet to STREET

Living in Chicago, we hear these amazing restaurant success stories that sound like unimaginable adventures. Too often, these tales have undergone massive editing and polishing to the point where even the worst struggle sounds like a finely crafted Shakespearean sonnet. We rarely see the raw truth. We look at successful restaurants and chefs with their list of awards, and the first thing we think is that they are different from people like us. Then an independent documentary like Susan Feniger.

Beetles, Butterflies, Vintage Girls: Step into a colorful 'Colony' at United Colors this September

Beetles and vintage girls don’t typically go together, but this time, we are making an exception for the current exhibition at United Colors’ container gallery. Colony, presented by artist Marika Arellano Christofides, is transforming a shipping container into a bio-fantasia filled with colorful beetles and butterflies made with old-time golden girl elements for the month of September.

Formerly known as Curiouser KC, United Colors has been inviting Kansas Citians to explore a rapidly growing ar

REVIEW: What Else Do You Want from Me? Questioning Unrealistic Expectations on Female Resilience with Rebecca Drolen’s “Unstable Entity” at Filter Space

The exhibition is composed of three types of photographs. Images of female bodybuilders were the archetypes, representing the human body’s maximized strength and physicality. The artist’s performances of dance and yoga movements require more delicate displays of strength, such as intricate muscle control, balancing, and tender elegance, yet demand just as much stamina for proper delivery. Finally, the assemblages of planks, wood blocks, cinder blocks, and other found construction materials put t

In 'Gravity,' Artist Tom Torluemke Explores Climate Crisis Through Riveting Landscapes

UKRAINIAN VILLAGE — A new exhibition of landscapes at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art originated from a series of selfies the artist Tom Torluemke asked family and friends to take during the pandemic.

“Gravity,” Torluemke’s solo exhibition, features landscapes and portraits the Indiana-based painter created over the past three years, bringing humanity and nature together to depict the current environmental crisis.

“Gravity” is on view through Oct. 15 at the museum, 2320 W. Chicago Ave. T

The best art galleries in Chicago

Glass paperweights are the only thing you’ll find on display at LH Selman Glass Gallery, but these creations are likely more interesting than anythng you have on your desk. Each paperweight at the gallery and museum, which has been around for more than 50 years, is uniquely crafted with intricate designs made by both emerging artists and experienced craftspeople. The gallery also sells its paperweights, so most of the pieces can be brought home either by visiting the gallery or by participating

Vagina, vagina on the wall

Are those vaginas on the wall?

Coin Cunts, created by Louisiana-based artist Suzanna Scott, are colorful kiss lock coin purses sewn into the shape of a vagina, fearlessly presenting the organ that brings women pleasure and pain, pride and shame.

Do you look away, or do you admire how the smooth, colorful flannel resembles that most intimate and delicate body part?

The sculpture assemblage 4th Runner Up (Self Portrait as Trophy Wife), by Chicago-and-Washington, D.C.-based Iranian American arti

Making Spaces in the Museums: on Duane Linklater’s “mymotherside” at the MCA Chicago

Upon entering the museum space, visitors were greeted by a giant, uncovered tipi sheltering a hooded figure standing on top of a refrigerator on a wood pallet. Stripped naked to its bare bones, the tipi skeleton stares at the visitors in calmness and tranquility, whereas the hooded figure looks much similar to a sacrifice on an altar. All that was missing was a fire.

In the piece “what grief conjures,” Linklater deconstructed the most universal indigenous cultural symbol known by the public: th

Explore Kansas City's art scene with these 7 extraordinary exhibits outside the Nelson-Atkins

This story was first published in KCUR's Adventure newsletter. You can sign up to receive stories like this in your inbox every Tuesday.

When we speak of Kansas City’s art scene, a few big names immediately come to mind: The Nelson-Atkins, The Kemper, even the Spencer Museum in Lawrence.

While these establishments have brilliant exhibitions throughout the year, it’s worth looking toward the artist-run spaces, independent curators, foundations, and private galleries that invigorate the arts com

The Ultimate Lollapalooza Guide in Chicago

Lollapalooza 2023 is right around the corner. Whether you’ve got tickets to all four days, or only plan on popping in for the weekend, you must admit: Lolla for Chicagoans is more than a music fest, but a whole vibe in its own. So, we decided to put together a guide to help you not only go to Lolla, but walk, eat, drink, and party like a true Lolla fan throughout the week. Ready?

Chicago’s many talented mixologists will never let go of a good opportunity to make special-theme drinks—that is a f

10+ of the Best Tequila Cocktails in Chicago

If bourbon heads brown liquors, tequila would be the prince of clear spirits. Its smooth, fruity, sweet accent makes tequila a perfect sipper or beverage base, and the liquor comes in a wide variety of flavors that will satisfy anybody from a long-time drinker to someone just looking for a good cocktail. From floral, sweet, toasty, to spicy, this guide will give you the best tequila cocktails in Chicago.

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The Bitter Redhead at The Cauldron Chicago


Top 10 Tequila Bars to Try This Summer In Chicago

When people think about drinking tequila, they often think about the fruity, tropical mixed drinks they can make with it, like a margarita or tequila sunrise. But, people miss out on a big opportunity by not taking the time to enjoy tequila on its own. There are many tequila bars throughout Chicago that pride themselves on their tequila choices and the various mixed drinks they create with it as its base. The next time you decide to attend a happy hour with friends, celebrate a big promotion, or

Feast with the World’s Smallest Chef at Fairmont Chicago

In the Windy City, food goes beyond flavors and nutrition and takes diners on unique journeys through time and space. The last time we wrote a full review for a dining experience was back in 2019 for Entre Sueños, and we’ve been waiting for another immersive dining experience to redefine what fine dining could be. Therefore, we are excited to share our unforgettable experience at Fairmont Chicago’s latest immersive dining experience: Le Petit Chef.

A collaboration between Fairmont Chicago and T

Where to Watch Women’s World Cup in Chicago

We will all agree Chicago is an extremely friendly sports town. In Windy City, sports are more than mere competition but a great way to build strong communities. After celebrating college football and baseball over the past few months, our next major sports event on the radar is the Women’s World Cup. So, if you’re planning to watch parties with your besties, here are our top pick spots and to-go options in Chicago!

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The Rambler Kitchen + Tap in North

Let’s Go, Barbie! How to Party like Barbie in Chicago

Let’s go, Barbie! With the Barbie movie hitting major theaters, Chicago is all for pink flares, glitters, and parties this summer. Sip on a Barbie-inspired cocktail, or visit the hottest Barbie pop up in town. Test your pink knowledge at Barbie trivia, or enjoy a different take on the icon at a Barbie drag performance. Without further ado: here’s your guide to party like Barbie in Chicago this summer.

There is no better way to live the Barbie life in Chicago this summer than a visit to the Mali

Where to Find the Best Italian Ice in Chicago

Italian ice is a crowd favorite during the hottest days. Similar to Japanese Kakigori, Italian Ice is made with finely granulated ice and fruit. Some people choose to add custard at the bottom, too. Since Italian ice usually doesn’t contain egg or dairy products, it’s also a healthier option for those with dietary restrictions. So, where can you find the best Italian ice in Chicago?

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Speaking of the best Italian ice spot in Chicago, many

10+ Late Night Bars in Chicago that Keep the Party Going

Summer is turning us all into night owls. With the high temperature during the day, the cooling breeze after the sun sets sure turn our nightlife dial up a few notches. For those who have turned nocturnal, Chicago has plenty of late night bars that open until 4 a.m. No more headaches to find a place for Round X after your favorite spot closes at 2 a.m. Are you ready to party?

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